Certification badge

Use of our badge and marketing of certification.

The mark must not have a dominant position, location or size and shall always be placed in connection with your company name or logo. The mark shall not be used on products, laboratory test reports, calibration reports or otherwise indicating that products or services are certified. The mark may not be placed in connection with activities or places not covered by the certification. The mark must not be used to give the impression that SBcert or Swedac is responsible for the content of documents, products, or the performance of services.

If the certificate is revoked or revoked, the mark may not be used in any way, and it must be removed from all places it is used. It is also not allowed to give the impression in any way that the certification is still valid.

Together with our brand, Swedac’s brand can be used.

Only the following uses of the Mark may be used:

  • Stationery
  • Reklammaterial
  • Flags
  • Vehicles (SBcert’s brand only)
  • Fönsterdekaler
  • Real estate
  • Profilkläder
  • Digital media such as website and email

Misuse of certification or if you act in another way that discredits SBcert or the certification means that the certificates are revoked.