About us

Scandinavian Business Certification is an accredited certification body in Sweden. Those who work and manage the business are auditors with experience of those industries we assess.

The company was started in 2014 by Ulf and Peter and from the start one of our cornerstones was to be an effective supplier of audit services by minimising administration and maximising focus on customers.  As a customer you will have one contact person, your auditor.  We understand our customers’ needs and have high demands on our auditors.

Our business has without any real marketing grown from having two auditors to around 25 today. It still applies however that we have a clear and transparent pricing structure and, with probably the lowest prices on the market, our customers will feel  respected by our auditors and us, and realise that we add value in a different way. Management at SBcert which consists of 3 people today are all auditors which creates an underlying understanding for the business and for customers’ expectations.

SBcert is widely represented throughout Sweden and Norway. We supply accredited certification to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001 and 39001.  We are also probably the largest supplier of information security certification, for us an important niche area.

As well as this we are sole supplier of industry-specific certification under contract to Sweden’s National Association of Vehicle Dismantlers, and supply certification to the Builders Federation (The Builders industry and employers organisation), The Painters Association, The Installers Association and Sweden’s Transport Association.