Case Inquiry


If you have questions concerning our business, want information or other views, email:

Your case will then be handled by a suitable person. Views on the business will be addressed by the management team. For complaints see below.
Answers will be received via email and you will be continuously informed how your case is handled.


If you as a customer are dissatisfied with something in our handling, you can submit a formal complaint to the CEO, via e-mail:

The complaint must be handled in the best way for the customer. The goal is always for the customer to be satisfied with the service that SBcert delivers. The case must be handled by someone who has not been involved in the complaint.

When a complaint is received, it must be prepared by the CEO before the next management group meeting.

Before the management group meeting:

  • The CEO contacts the customer and collects information about the complaint.
  • The CEO posts a non-conformity in the non-conformity log.
  • The CEO contacts and discusses the problem with the relevant customer manager, and if necessary the auditor or others involved

At the management team meeting:

  • The CEO reports on the deviation and proposes action if any.
  • The management team discusses and decides on the matter. If the matter is complex or extensive, several meetings may be needed before a decision is made.

After decision:

  • The CEO or customer manager presents SBcert’s solution and any compensation if such is relevant.
  • The CEO or customer manager monitors the outcome and reports it back to the management team.
  • The case is closed in the deviation log.